Roofs POP IT UP! We supply and fit the very popular style Pop Top Roofs to every van we can. These are extremely sought after as it gives you the extra headspace that you need when inside your van. Not only that but it creates space for another bed which is fixed into the upper part of the van and can be moved along with the roof.

These are made of canvas which is very light and breathable for the summer and can also come with zip down windows. We tend to use top brands like Skyline and Austop as suppliers for these roofs.

ROOFS At Campervamping, we professionally install and fit various types of roofs. Our main suppliers are Skyline and Austop Roofs. These two suppliers are both TUV Approved and have passed the most stringent safety tests Types of Roof Pop Top or Elevating Roofs are the style of roof that we specialise in here at campervamping. This style comes with various options to install useful additions such a roof bed which fits snug into the roof when elevated or closed , sliding hatches and different colours and styles of canvas Roof Beds are a very popular addition when installing a roof into customers vans. This allows for extra sleeping space and at no loss of headspace.

Roof Beds

There are two types of beds – Standard and Bi-Fold. Standard beds are single hinged and are streamline to the roof when elevated. These are carpeted to your colour choice and come at an average price of £300. Bi-Fold beds are double hinged and are not streamline with the roof as they fold back towards the rear of the van, giving an extra 8inches in height. These are also carpeted and come at an average price of £375. When fitting roofs we are required to undertake metal trimming around the edges of where the roof will sit. This is to ensure that we can carpet these areas, giving you a clean finish rather than leaving metal work exposed. On VW vans this is an additional £180.

We can carry out a full finish to your roof or fit the roof to leave you to do the finishings such as carpet trim . When fitting any roof we need to install a metal frame for strength which can either be carpeted by us to match your existing carpet trim or left for you to carpet trim yourself We can also run cables and wires that will not be accessible after the roof is fully fitted.

Every roof that we install is manually opened and closed, giving you extra reassurance that the roof is secure. When it comes to security we know that this is important for yourself and other travellers. That is why we offer the option of the Skyline Aurora Roof. The Skyline Aurora comes with a double key locking system and a locking latch for maximum safety. The Aurora is an updated version of the Standard Roof providing a larger canvas and a more streamline and lower down look to your van with the closed roof height of 70mm compared to 100mm (standard roof).


When it comes to Canvas’s there can be an overwhelming amount of information that you have to decipher. Thats why at Campervamping we have made the choices simple for you. You can choose between a Standard or a Scenic Canvas Roof. Below is a colour chart of the different colour options for your Canvas.

You can also choose one block colour or a two tone canvas. Standard Canvas Roof is everything that you need for an easy van life! This canvas comes with windows around the roof giving you more light and more air that can be folded down with a zip. You can customise the canvas to any colour that you choose. Scenic Canvas Roof covers all the bases but also boasts an opening front panel. This allows for the maximum amount of fresh air and sunlight that you could possibly get.  The Scenic canvas also comes with windows that are folded down by a zip and can be customised to your choice of colour. Full Price List Available Here


Roofs can be colour coded to match the main colour of your van. For example if your van is orange and you wanted a roof to match we are happy to supply an orange roof for you. The price list for colour coded roofs can be found here. otherwise roofs come in a standard Black or White. Link To Full Price List

Roof Colours